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#Apprenticeships - Are Employers Really In The Driving Seat?

It was really encouraging to listen to skills minister Anne Milton’s latest interview with FE News when she called for the Institute (IfATE) to be more responsive and open.

Employers aren’t really in the driving seat on skills: New thinking for FE leadership

The state stills remains firmly in control of skills provision in this country despite government claiming that reforms over the last five years have put employers in command.

Subcontracted delivery of apprenticeships dropped significantly in first year of the levy, FOI data reveals

Independent training providers delivered the training for two-thirds of apprenticeships in the first full year of the levy.

Top-end apprenticeships should no longer be levy funded to stop levy going into the red

Apprenticeship training providers have called for the radical step of removing the highest and degree level apprenticeships from the scope of levy funding in order to relieve growing pressures on the levy.

To make the apprenticeship programme sustainable SME employers need a separate budget

The National Audit Office (NAO) is right to identify the long-term financial sustainability of the apprenticeship programme as a key issue that the government must address.