Articles from Hannah Cooper

COVID-19 Office Market Disruption – Lockdown, Recession & Demand

@DeVonoCresa shares insights when it comes to #Coronavirus office market disruption

Which UK Universities Employ The Highest Number of Mental Health First Aiders?

Going to university can be a challenging time for any student. The pressures of work and exams, as well as huge fees, can trigger stress, anxiety and depression -  conditions which are on the up amongst students. 

Why We Need More Educators in Foster Care

Every Child In Care Matters #ECICM By the end of Key Stage 4, children in care are three to four times more likely to have Special Educational Needs as other children. In 2016, just 14% of Looked After Children obtained 5 or more GCSEs at A*-C. In context, 59% of their peers achieved this.

UK Businesses; How to prepare for #Brexit

DeVono Cresa, the UK’s leading occupier-only consultancy firm, has analysed Office for National Statistics data focusing on businesses launched since 2012. The data showed some of the strongest industries in the UK today.