Articles from Fay McFarlane

Apprenticeship programmes: why are they so successful?

With over 23,000 apprenticeship opportunities listed on average every month, it comes as no surprise that apprenticeship participation hit a record high in the 2016/2017 academic year. There was a total of 491,300 apprenticeships that academic year, a sign-up increase of 14.5% on the previous year with 384,500 starts.

How can internships help young adults integrate into the employment world?

#NCW2020 - Internships play an important role in the life of young adults @ZalandoTech Internships play an important role in the life of many young adults, helping them integrate into the employment world while learning skills on the job. This National Careers Week approaching, we’ve spoken to an intern at Zalando who has made their mark at the company, becoming a valued and successful member of the team.

Why should we be teaching kids to code?

Our world is constantly embracing new technologies as well as our education system. Since the changes in the UK curriculum in September 2014, kids as young as five have begun to embrace branches of education that seem completely alien to many adults.