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The Role of COVID-19 In Distance Learning & #EdTech

As the #Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to take the world by storm, schools are taking action to protect our youth. In case you weren't aware, children are more prone to carrying COVID-19 asymptotically than adults are, so allow them to congregate in schoolhouses is the least ideal practice for educational leaders to enable.

#RemoteWorking Amidst COVID-19: Work Smarter, Not Harder

With COVID-19 on the rise, it's rumored that remote work is at all-time-high. However, the concept is nothing new. In 2016, 85% of global business was conducted by virtual teams. Moreover, 65% of modern workers predict work will only become more digital and global as time progresses. Amidst the impromptu transition in work environment due to the global pandemic, it's important we understand the science of working remotely. Thankfully, there's technology that can help us work easier as working in the digital age can present various challenges. 

Generation Z Is Changing How We Approach University

As #GenZ reaches adulthood, they're seeking opportunities that will guide them into a better future. Saying this, 82% believe attending university is the most ideal way to get there. However, the global student debt crisis is frightening our youngest generation from putting their great potential to use.

As the use of in-class #EdTech increases Flipped Classrooms are on the rise

#ArtificialIntelligence (#AI) isn't new, but its role in the #education sector is - How will the classrooms of the future look?  Thanks to video and data science, Flipped Classrooms are on the rise. 


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