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What Will Students Create Following Industry 4.0?

In 2011, we ignited The Fourth Industrial Revolution, scientifically known as Industry 4.0. Throughout history, every industrial revolution has focused on a key area of development. Industry 1.0 introduced mechanization, Industry 2.0 focused on mass production, and Industry 3.0 unveiled digitalization. However, digitalization ceased in 2002. Since, we have refined our technological resources - optimizing them to reach peak performance time and time again. 

How to teach students about financial literacy

Digital learning can be quite confining on classroom creativity. As a result, lessons that may be better demonstrated in-person have to be shifted into digital means. In other words, students aren't getting the full effect of traditional education.

The Challenges of Remote Networking for Students

Meeting people is a crucial component of higher education for endless reasons. Of course, networking can open doors for professional growth (88 per cent of professionals consider networking to be critical to a thriving career), but networking can also provide you with connections. 

Extended Reality XR improves focus & physical activity for distance learners

Has the new normal of technologically packed classrooms turned out to distract students more than it's helping?

Can a Growth Mindset Improve Your Grades?

A growth mindset pushes you to think optimistically - and if you dream it, you can do it. Transitioning into distance learning has been difficult for many students, decreasing the amount of interest they have in education altogether. As a result, teachers and parents are fearful their students' grades may suffer. However, having a growth mindset about education - specifically distance learning - can dramatically improve the students' situation.

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