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The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women in the workforce – it’s crucial that we empower female leaders in tech

The last year has highlighted the incredible capabilities of technology.

AWS re/Start and IN4.0 Group to boost careers in cloud computing

Cloud employment training brings opportunity to local communities and promotes diversity in tech careers Skills development and training experts Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start and IN4.0 Group are collaborating to build an inclusive and diverse global pipeline of new cloud talent by focusing on unemployed and underemployed individuals to help them launch a career in the cloud.

What role can technology play in narrowing the cloud skills gap in the UK as the nation moves online?

Cloud computing has become increasingly important to the UK’s fastest-growing companies. A report ommissioned by AWS and published by independent consultancy, Public First, found that more than half (58%) of cloud-using companies say that their business or operating model would not be possible without it, and that those running on the cloud are nearly three times more likely to be growing at over 5% a year than those that are not.

Six fundamental steps to successfully implement cloud fluency education and a culture of learning in your organisation

Why it’s important to build cloud fluency in your organisation  Cloud computing has introduced a significant shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed. It’s given organisations the ability to trade capital expense for variable expense, operate at massive economies of scale, make agile capacity decisions, increase organisational speed and agility, reduce costs, and go global easily. No matter what industry you’re in or the size of the business you have, cloud adoption requires that fundamental changes are discussed, considered, and supported across the entire organisation – both within IT and non-IT organisations.

80 percent of IT decision-makers say their teams lack the skills they need

4 reasons to invest in entry-level cloud #talent  According to Global Knowledge, nearly 80 percent of IT decision-makers say their teams lack the skills they need. And this challenge is particularly acute when it comes to cloud computing.

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