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EPAO Approved to Assess Marketing Apprenticeships

An apprentice assessment organisation has successfully been placed on the government’s Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (#EPAO) to assess marketing apprenticeships.

6 Ways to Demonstrate Skills and Behaviours in End Point Assessment

The purpose of end point assessment is to judge how apprentices applied the knowledge, skills and behaviours they acquired during their apprenticeship. It isn’t enough to say “I know the theory” or “I showed my adaptability.” To achieve the marks, apprentices must actively demonstrate that they have the skills and behaviours detailed in the standard and have applied them in their role.

Apprentice Checklist: How to Prepare for EPA

After Gateway, you can breathe a sigh of relief that the on-programme part of your apprenticeship is complete. All that’s left is your end point assessment, or #EPA.

New standards confirmed for EPA organisation

@1stforEPA has successfully been placed on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) to provide end point assessment for the following standards: Digital Marketer HR Support Business Administrator The EPAO is currently known for providing comprehensive EPA for the HR Consultant/Partner standard.

5 things Ofsted look for in End Point Assessment

@1stforEPA - As a training provider, you must make sure you’re prepared for an Ofsted inspection. Ofsted doesn’t inspect EPA itself, but does inspect the preparation up to end point assessment.


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