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There's a new breed of College in town - A PRINCIPAL’S PERSPECTIVE

Thursday morning, ten to nine and I have been working since about 7:30 catching up on emails and monitoring progress across the College Group. Always thought I was accessible but my newly acquired skills in digital communication have opened up new avenues.

No Paradise at Present - We are in the midst of crisis and everyone is examining life differently

It's a Wednesday afternoon and I am sat in my study penning this article. I used to say to my staff almost ironically "Welcome to another day in Paradise.” Oh, how I wish I could be in a position to do that now, but we are in the midst of crisis and everyone is examining life differently.

Weston College accelerates ‘Virtual College’ ethos to connect students and staff to minimise social isolation

#MyVirtualCollege - @WestonCollege is a UK #Microsoft Showcase College and the 9th largest College in the country, Dr Paul Phillips CBE has shown impressive leadership to switch over to ‘virtual’ teaching and learning all within seven days.

It is time for FE to change and that change will be refreshing and innovational

The Further Education agenda is one full of surprises, challenges and opportunities As I look across my own organisation I never cease to be amazed at the commitment of my staff, the majority of whom go above and beyond to deliver a brilliant and inspiring education to our customers.

FE has suffered decades of shocking neglect: #Augar report condemns treatment of the ‘poor relation’ in education

What’s at the end of the tunnel for further education? The treatment of further education (FE) is nothing short of shocking and the recent Augar report is a condemnation of what has happened to the ‘poor relation’ in the educational sector.


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