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2020 - an educational odyssey?

It doesn’t really matter – students need us to move on  In August 1980 I entered my career in education, or at least I began to learn the trade of teaching. Now some forty years later I reflect on what has happened over these years but perhaps more poignantly what has occurred in the last ten days. I would never have believed or anticipated what I have witnessed. At a simplistic level, I might have put it down to COVID-19, but at a more analytical level I am deeply saddened because it has signalled a culture of blame, indifference and it begs one key question: Is COVID19 an excuse - or has it just highlighted all the old bureaucracy and lack of responsiveness that must be now overcome?

We are back- it’s a good feeling! Examination results are by and large excellent and as expected at Weston College

Official publications of A level and other results, my first day back on site following a long period of virtual management and Welsh shielding- not actually over yet but quite frankly I could not wait any longer!

The Momentum to ‘Build Back Better’ is on!

As a Principal of a large Further Education College in the South West I never cease to be motivated and totally impressed by the dedication and entrepreneurship of my staff. Throughout the COVID crisis they have seized the mantle of digital delivery and their attention to the care of learners and their progression is quite inspirational. It hasn’t mattered at what level staffing has been affected, the response has been the same – whatever needs to be done will be achieved. We have been absolutely privileged to have Gillian Keegan the Minister joining our ‘Virtual Microsoft College’ showcase environment and our end of term virtual staff meeting was both motivational and inspiring.

There's a new breed of College in town - A PRINCIPAL’S PERSPECTIVE

Thursday morning, ten to nine and I have been working since about 7:30 catching up on emails and monitoring progress across the College Group. Always thought I was accessible but my newly acquired skills in digital communication have opened up new avenues.

No Paradise at Present - We are in the midst of crisis and everyone is examining life differently

It's a Wednesday afternoon and I am sat in my study penning this article. I used to say to my staff almost ironically "Welcome to another day in Paradise.” Oh, how I wish I could be in a position to do that now, but we are in the midst of crisis and everyone is examining life differently.


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