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New occupational standards for travel prepare workforce for changed environment beyond Covid-19

As the travel industry adapts its operations as it enters recovery mode, employers have led a full review of occupational standards to reflect current and emerging practices, helping to secure a resilient post pandemic workforce. Representatives from high street and online travel agents, tour operators, B2B operators, corporate travel and leisure travel joined forces to review the occupational standards, redefining the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed by front line employees, helping to further professionalise the travel industry.

Why new skills strategies are a top priority for a sustainable workforce

New technologies, socio-economic developments and critical events like Covid-19 are mixing together to create an unprecedented state of flux across many industries and hospitality has been significantly impacted.

86% of hospitality students remain committed to a career in the industry but work-life balance, pay and development highlighted as critical to retention

A survey by People 1st International (@p1stgroup) with hospitality students reveals their commitment to the industry despite ongoing disruption due to Covid, helping reassure industry leaders of a future pipeline of skilled talent. However, work-life balance, pay and learning & development lead as critical factors for attracting and retaining this talent pool.    

Why apprenticeships are crucial in rebuilding hospitality

This year’s 14th #NationalApprenticeshipWeek will be unlike any that has gone before it. But while it’s impossible to avoid the fact that the hospitality sector is facing an incredibly difficult and uncertain time, we also have to remember that it will eventually bounce back. And as that starts to happen, apprenticeships will play a vital part in the rebuild strategy.

The Lifetime Skills Guarantee: Three factors for success

The announcement from government that the post-18 education and training system would be transformed to prepare for a post-covid economy has been warmly welcomed. It’s an impressive ambition and the first time a Prime Minister has fully endorsed a practical, hands-on approach to learning.

The Ufi VocTech Challenge – what does it mean for FE? #VocTechFutures Episode 3

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