Articles from Maria Varankina

How to Make an Online Course Interactive

Why is it that some people can become so absorbed in video games they’ll play for hours at a time, but might struggle with making it through a one-hour class or webinar without losing focus? The reason is that games are interactive, requiring players to be both cognitively and physically active, making choices and responding to consequences. Game play experiences are unique, and even members of a group or team may have different outcomes. Games engage the players by capturing their imaginations and motivating them to succeed.

New Cloud Authoring Tool helps educators create microcourses in record time

@iSpringPro Releases Page, a New Cloud Authoring Tool for Microcourses  iSpring Solutions Inc., a world-renowned vendor of eLearning software and services, announced the release of iSpring Page, a new cloud-based authoring tool for creating microlearning courses.

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