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Construction Training in a Pandemic

Along with pretty much every other sector, COVID required construction training to adapt quickly and innovatively. Seven months on from lockdown and four from its easing, seems a good time to look at what happened. To help prepare this I have spoken to a number of colleagues, both in private training centres and colleges, with many years’ experience in delivering trade-based courses.

KickStart Lite: SME Free

I started writing these pieces, first on LinkedIn then, taking the opportunity to get them out to a wider audience through FE News, to share the findings of my dissertation. This looked at what prevents construction employers recruiting NEETs into the industry. I am not for a moment suggesting that this was ground-breaking research, but felt there may be some findings that may be of interest to others. Since I completed the Masters we have entered the strange new world of Covid and as we move away from lockdown, the negative impact this is having on employment, especially for those younger people who already face barriers to employment, is becoming more apparent. 

Kick Starter or non-starter?

As I was completing my previous piece it was announced the government was investing £2.1bn in a work experience scheme for young people, Kick Start. In that piece I reviewed findings from my Master’s dissertation research to illustrate why apprenticeships are, often, not suitable for NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training), with many excluded from these opportunities. 

Apprenticeships: Not always the answer

A young person looking to enter the construction industry generally has two routes, personal contacts/word of mouth, or through an apprenticeship. If that young person is defined as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) things become a whole lot more complicated. 

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