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Children’s Commissioner launches biggest ever consultation with children in England as part of Beveridge-style report into post-Covid childhood

Dame @Rachel_deSouza and @MarcusRashford MBE call on children and young people to take part in ‘The Big Ask’  Millions of children and young people in England will be given the chance to set their priorities for Children’s Commissioner’s ‘Childhood Commission’.

New Children's Commissioner to launch 'The Childhood Commission'

Dame Rachel de Souza (@Rachel_deSouza), Children’s Commissioner (@ChildrensComm) for England, is today (Tuesday) launching a once-in-a-generation review of the future of childhood by the Children’s Commissioner’s Office. ‘The Childhood Commission’ will be inspired by the ambition of William Beveridge’s pioneering 1940s report, which laid the foundations of the post-War social security system. ‘The Childhood Commission’ will identify the barriers preventing children from reaching their full potential, propose policy and services solutions and develop targets by which improvements can be monitored.

Anne Longfield’s final speech as Children’s Commissioner challenges the Prime Minister to show he is serious about putting children at the heart of ‘building back better’

Children’s Commissioner for England calls for a new “Covid Covenant” of education and wellbeing support in every community to help children and young people recover from the pandemic

Children will keep dying on our streets until there is a joined up public health response to gangs, Children’s Commissioner warns

 Children’s Commissioner’s report reveals how the failure of many local health bodies to recognise serious youth violence as a public health issue and make it a strategic priority means thousands of the most vulnerable children remain at risk of exploitation by violent criminal gangs. Anne Longfield says 120,000 children, one in 25 of all teens in England, are already falling through gaps in education and social care and are at greater risk of exploitation – a number that is likely to increase in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. The report argues that the vast majority of local authorities still do not have a sufficient grip on the drivers for youth violence in their areas, nor do they have a cogent strategy to reduce risk factors in vulnerable children. Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England, is today (Saturday) publishing a report assessing how effectively existing infrastructure within local authorities is being used to deliver a public health approach to preventing gang involvement and youth violence. The Children’s Commissioner concludes that two years on from her last report into this issue and a year after the Prime Minister promised to “cut the head off the snake” of county lines, thousands of children are still not being kept safe.

Damage to children’s mental health caused by Covid crisis could last for years without a large-scale increase for children’s mental health services, Children’s Commissioner warns

Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner (@ChildrensComm) for England, is today (Thursday) publishing her fourth annual report on the state of children’s mental health services in England.

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