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Breaking down barriers to education: Multiverse meets Perlego

@JoinMultiverse, the online apprenticeship platform partners with @Perlegobooks 

Student access to textbooks needs to arrive in the 21st century

With students returning to University today, it’s time we do something about access to textbooks  Students across the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief as they return to university today (May 17th).

Perlego and Arden University partner to provide students with free online textbooks

@PerlegoBooks, the world’s largest online subscription service for educational books, has partnered with digital-first university @Arden_Uni to provide all of its students with free online textbooks and additional reading materials. This partnership will allow Arden’s 12,000 students to access all the reading materials they need to complete their learning. 

Perlego becomes biggest online resource for academic theological textbooks

@Perlego amasses the world’s largest online subscription for theology resources  Following new partnerships with numerous major theology publishers, Perlego has become the biggest online resource for academic theological textbooks.

Now is the time for more than digital change if universities want to prove value for money

As universities look ahead to the next academic year with ‘blended’ styles of learning in mind, they will also likely be looking for ways to demonstrate the value for money their institutions offer, at a time where students must be partially detached from their education. 

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