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Overworked teachers call for clarity and collaboration, new study finds

Overworked teachers call for better collaboration between schools to improve delivery of remote learning during pandemic   Teacherly reveals 62% of UK teachers claim workload has increased during the pandemic 75% of teachers suggest more collaboration between departments and other schools is required The Sherborne Area Schools Trust (SAST) organises a ‘TeachMeet’ remote Inset event for 840 teachers on 22nd February offering opportunity for teaching community to collaborate With increased demands placed on education providers in light of recent school closures, UK teachers are calling their employers to improve collaboration between departments and other schools to improve productivity and efficiency as well as increasing academic and pastoral support for students who are learning from home.

Students call for greater teamwork between teachers during the pandemic

Study by Teacherly (@teamteacherly) finds that almost two thirds of pupils would like teachers to work together to create online lessons to help everyone achieve their potential amid coronavirus pandemic

Three steps to addressing the wellbeing crisis in the education sector

Teaching is, without a doubt, a rewarding and fulfilling profession. However, it’s also one that requires stamina, persistence and love of a challenge. It’s an occupation that comes with high levels of stress, often mirroring that experienced by doctors and nurses, and as a result many teachers decide to leave the profession early on.

A more flexible future driven by students: Colleges need to ensure remote learning is still feasible for everyone

The reopening of schools and colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland this month has been called a pivotal moment in the pandemic. After lockdown and the summer holiday, children are going back into full-time education in a school setting for the first time in almost six months. With the exam results debacle not yet a distant memory, the successful return of education will be important for the government. Yet, reports have indicated that cases of the virus have affected several schools across the country already - leaving hundreds of students in isolation and school premises shut for intense cleaning.

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