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Growing Level 4 and 5 Technical Education from a small-scale to large-scale system

New @CForLearning paper on moving from small-scale to large scale participation  A new discussion paper from the Campaign for Learning considers how to move from a small-scale to large-scale system of post-18 technical education.  

Family Learning Festival aims to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life

#LoveLearning - Starting this Saturday (17 Oct), the Campaign for Learning (@CForLearning) is launching the #FamilyLearningFestival, a two-week long national celebration which aims to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life.

What does ‘Revolutionary’ Really Look Like?

#Post16RevolutionaryReforms - After a summer where FE has again been more of an afterthought than a priority, the autumn policymaking agenda promises to change this with a ‘revolutionary’ white paper.

A Government-Wide Lifelong Learning Strategy by Susan Pember

#Post16RevolutionaryReforms - We have spent the last 40 years going through the same debate, using the same narrative and the same rationale about why we need another Further Education Review. It would be ground-breaking if this white paper could be the last for a very long time, setting the framework for the next 30 years.

Transforming FE Teaching as a Profession

#Post16RevolutionaryReforms - Nobody within the political machine ever reads articles by those outside their immediate sphere. Ministers and officials are swamped with more reading than they could ever absorb in the course of their jobs, all written by others inside Government.


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