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Preventing Suicide and Self-Harm amongst 16-24 Year Olds

Suicide: The Biggest Killer  While suicide amongst young people is rare, sadly, it is the biggest killer of people aged 16-24 (ONS, 2018). Suicide is not inevitable, it is preventable and it requires us all, from communities to educators to the government, to take action to save lives. 

Preventing a Mental Health Crisis

On the Coattails of the Pandemic  We have all read the dire warnings of a mental health emergency following on the coattails of the pandemic. We have seen the surveys and research, including from Mind, evidencing this.

Actions to prevent a mental health crisis in 2021 - New Campaign for Learning report

@CForLearning launch new report - Understanding and Overcoming a Mental Health Crisis in 2021  Mental health and post-16 education, employment and work specialists recommend ways forward

Growing Level 4 and 5 Technical Education from a small-scale to large-scale system

New @CForLearning paper on moving from small-scale to large scale participation  A new discussion paper from the Campaign for Learning considers how to move from a small-scale to large-scale system of post-18 technical education.  

Family Learning Festival aims to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life

#LoveLearning - Starting this Saturday (17 Oct), the Campaign for Learning (@CForLearning) is launching the #FamilyLearningFestival, a two-week long national celebration which aims to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life.

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