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Apprenticeship dropouts are as important as...

In 2018, drop-out rates among university students went up for the third year in a row, according to official statistics. Figures recently released...

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Millions are unhappy at work, but some apprentice employers are bucking the trend

A staggering 4.3 million UK employees report being unhappy at work – 13% of us nationwide – and over 15,000,000 days are lost per year due to reported mental health problems caused or worsened by work.

Moving away from PhD #Apprenticeships means we can focus on neglected Levels 2 and 3

Plans for PHD-level apprenticeships might not be going ahead because the Institute (previously IfA) has raised concerns the programmes might not be in the “spirit” of the programme.

Teaching adaptability in schools is a great idea; #Apprenticeships have been doing it for years

At the end of March a new report showed that while 60% of employers say being adaptable has become more important in the last decade, simultaneously over 60% of educators don’t think school leavers are leaving education with the adaptability skills they will need for work.

Let’s flex the Apprenticeship Levy to help employers engage with schools

New research shows that £3bn of Apprenticeship Levy funds are going unused, and suggests that if the rules were changed this surplus cash could be put to good use helping apprentice employers engage with schools.

Apprenticeship dropouts are as important as university ones

The Christmas break is famously when many first year university students drop out of their courses – this month there will be plenty of young people in the UK reconsidering the future after deciding not to return to their programmes.