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Our intention in speaking up for FE was always deadly serious

Conclusion - Caliban knew all about the power and the magic of books  In his instructions to the treacherous Stephano and Trinculo he was adamant that they first take the mighty Prospero’s books ‘for without them / He’s but a sot’ (3.2:87–8).

A Brave New Education

Another college is possible, and it should be founded on an agreed public purpose and shared values. While college cannot aspire to be utopia it can be a place where we imagine and discuss utopia, making new connections and expanding our reach and our ambition for ourselves and our world. Starting with the knowns we bring with us, the utopian imagination can help us to dismantle what is given and construct something better.

Unlearning Prospero’s language: Decolonizing leadership in FE

"You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust.

“Set it down with gold on lasting pillars”: In search of FE’s golden age

Has there ever been a golden age for FE? There has been no shortage of attempts to map-out what one might look like in England, not least through the litany of government-commissioned reports churned out since incorporation.

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