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The great careers debate

Today (2nd March) sees parliamentarians debating the future of #careers education and guidance, Professor Tristram Hooley (@PigIronJoe) sets out the issues that are likely to be discussed:

The Skills for Jobs White Paper only heightens the need for a new Careers Strategy

The publication of the Skills for jobs: Lifelong learning for opportunity and growth white paper has led to a flurry of policy analyses and political game playing. As the dust settles it is clear that the white paper offers very little that is completely new, and that much of what is does promise is aspirational at best.

Career guidance New Year’s Resolutions for Gillian Keegan

The government’s strategy on career guidance came to an end in 2020. With everything that was going on, no one got round to thinking about what should replace it. Professor Tristram Hooley of the University of Derby offers some ready-made New Year’s Resolutions for Gillian Keegan, the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills.

Gillian Keegan needs to free the National Careers Service to do its job

Unemployment is rising, the need for career guidance is greater than ever - £32 million funding must be made more accessible  Back in early July, Rishi Sunak announced his Plan for Jobs. The idea was to prevent the lockdown turning into a recession, and the furlough turning into a massive increase in unemployment.

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