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Less than three quarters of young people are registered to vote

@_I_have_a_voice are asking for help get 50,000 more young people registered to vote, as many of them as possible clued up about their local candidates, and to the polling stations on 6 May (the current position is these will go ahead...).  This ambitious initiative is in response to less than three quarters of young people being registered to vote compared to 94% of over 65s. It comprises - I have a voice, British Youth Council, Young Citizens, Smart Schools Council, Beatfreeks and Compassion in Politics, and is being funded by the UK Democracy Fund, a Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust initiative.

Student's take on Coronavirus, Class and Centre Assessed Grades

The outbreak of #Coronavirus in the UK has had an unimaginable and immeasurable impact across the country. But one institution has been particularly hard struck; the British education system. 

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