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A Positive Experience of Studying while Working Full-Time

Ranjit Sidhu is a change management expert and founder of ChangeQuest, a company delivering change management training courses and consulting. Ranjit recently completed a Masters in Internal Communication Management, delivered in partnership between the Institute of Internal Communication and Solent University, while continuing to work full-time at ChangeQuest. Her positive experience of full-time work alongside research-level study is an inspiration to anyone considering further education.

Coaching Your Team Through The 5 Stages Of Change

We know that change causes unsettling times and often leads to great resistance, lack of productivity and general bad feeling amongst those affected. Managers and Team Leaders see the human emotional effect of change on a daily basis as the process progresses.

The Ufi VocTech Challenge – what does it mean for FE? #VocTechFutures Episode 3

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