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Island Education – Lessons from the Pandemic

The Edge Podcast - Rethinking Education S1E3 

Rethinking assessments to align with the needs of the workplace

With GCSE and A Levels cancelled again this year, teacher assessments will be used to grade our young people’s academic abilities instead of exams. These exams at age 16 and 18 have long been criticised as an assessment of a person’s ability to remember a bunch of facts against the clock, rather than offering a more rounded view of their overall competencies or strengths.

Innovation and Employer Engagement in Higher Education

The Edge Podcast - Rethinking Education S1E2 

Preparing young people for work: Innovations from South Africa

The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on the young. Existing shortcomings in the education system have been compounded by abrupt changes in the labour market. As the skills that young people need rapidly evolve, how should we prepare them for twenty-first century jobs?

Edge Goes to Canada (Virtually)

The Edge Podcast - Rethinking Education S1E1 

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