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Qube Learning & PLG announce new partnership


National Dyslexia Week Celebrates Inspirational Individual's Personal and Professional Success

Dyslexia reportedly affects 10% of the UK, but it often goes unmentioned or misunderstood entirely in the workplace. A specific learning difficulty, it causes problems with certain abilities such as reading and writing however, dyslexia has not stopped Kinga Kubiak, from Hove, overcome obstacles to take on an Apprenticeship and see a positive change.

MBE of Leading Youth Charity to Host Inspiring 'Progressive Change' Conference

Norwich based youth charity St Edmunds Society is to host a motivating event at the beautiful historic building Norwich Cathedral. The event is set to encourage local and national based businesses to help continue to change the lives of individuals from backgrounds who are discounted in an educational and professional sphere because of their backgrounds and postcodes.

BBC Apprentice partners with leading training provider to produce insightful educational and professional podcast - The Right Route

Well-loved BBC Apprentice and motivational speaker, Kayode Damali talks hot education and work topics in The Right Route podcast series.

‘Missing’ demographic of potential learners completely put off any type of learning by the time they leave school

Continuous retraining as a solution to job losses from #automation and #AI The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2018 report says that machines could displace 75 million jobs across the globe by 2022: The National Retraining Scheme - Helping people whose jobs are at risk from technological change