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A life of Social Learning

Social learning as an idea has been around for decades, but the pandemic has really brought the concept forward  Social learning as an idea has been around for decades, but the pandemic has really brought the concept forward as the education world is now completely rethinking the way teaching and learning is delivered. Consider that you’ll rarely find an online class that does not feature some kind of required class participation. However, social learning is much more than just the discussion portion of an online course and it’s happening all the time. The theory suggests that we learn from others and that the learner is not a passive participant in the process. It’s about engaging with those around us in all social forms and in many different contexts, including social media. Social learning is everywhere.  

How HEIs can respond to the growing ‘no more jobs for life’ trend

The notion of a ‘job for life’ was already in the process of being eroded by evolving pre-pandemic workplace trends. Younger generations have been at the forefront of this as they’ve had to continuously adapt to an increasingly fast-paced and technologically-driven world of work. Recent research published in our report on The Future of Learning revealed that over one in five (22%) of this age bracket don’t expect to work in the same industry by 2030.

50+ CEOs, L&D experts and policymakers find post-pandemic workforce development market ripe for innovation

50+ CEOs and L&D experts find the professional learning market ripe for innovation due to pandemic wake-up call (@FutureLearn, @emergelab) Emerge Education and FutureLearn launch new industry report exploring the future of workforce development 

FutureLearn launches Global Future of Learning 2021 report today

New significant global study reveals covid-19 has propelled next generation to focus on social issues amid online learning boom @FutureLearn Global learning platform FutureLearn publishes in-depth study, of the UK, USA and Australia, including 15 industry expert insights and YouGov data, into the Future of Learning and how COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the learning landscape 

Tommy Hilfiger teams up with Jameela Jamil + others to launch free social impact FutureLearn courses

@jameelajamil @TommyHilfiger and @FutureLearn partner for online courses around sustainability, LGBTQIA+ allyship, body confidence and community building The portfolio of online courses covers sustainability, LGBTQIA+ allyship, body confidence and community building, hosted by Tommy Hilfiger brand ambassadors Jameela Jamil, Indya Moore, Mogli, Kiddy Smile and other social activists. 

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