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A special relationship: Sharing #apprenticeship success in the US

I’ve just got back from the 5th transatlantic trip for UK apprenticeship providers and suppliers in the States.

How To Deliver The 3 "I"s of Apprenticeship #Curriculum Intent

There’s a new buzzword in town – curriculum intent The term has come from Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) which will be used to inspect all apprenticeship training providers from September 2019.

Completion rates aren’t the be all and end all, here’s what training providers SHOULD be tracking

In the apprenticeship sector, everyone’s always talking about completion rates.

How do you know training is working? 3 ways to find out

Companies are spending more than ever on learning and development.  

Are Scottish employers losing money to the apprenticeship levy?

Whether Scottish employers have a hard deal is matter of opinion.