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Reimaging apprenticeship delivery with OneFile – NHS & employer edition

Reimaging Apprenticeships with @SusannaOneFile @OneFileUK @HunteLucy and @SBlyfield Covid-19 has hit sectors hard – but maybe none more so than the NHS. Our healthcare services have been under extreme pressure over the last few months, and many thought training programmes would have to take a backseat to the pandemic. This hasn’t been the case for every trust. There are many NHS trusts out there providing exceptional care to their patients – and training their workforce at the same time. It’s quite an achievement, so we invited Lucy Hunte from HEE to explain how they’ve made their delivery a success in such trying times.  

Reimaging apprenticeship delivery after covid-19: training providers

During lockdown we’ve heard some incredible stories about how providers have used @OneFileUK to continue their apprenticeship delivery remotely. Many of our customers have had some amazing successes, so we wanted to bring them together in a webinar to share top tips and explain how they imagine their delivery will change after lockdown. 

Reimagining apprenticeship delivery post COVID-19

During lockdown we’ve heard some incredible stories about how providers have used @OneFileUK to continue their apprenticeship delivery remotely. Many of our customers have had some amazing successes, so we wanted to bring them together to share top tips and explain how they imagine their delivery will change after lockdown. So we started the webinar series: reimaging apprenticeship delivery with OneFile post-covid-19. 

How to make lockdown learning a success with @OneFileUK

Due to the current lockdown in place, apprenticeships are now being delivered 100% remotely. This has been a huge challenge for thousands of providers who have had to adapt their entire delivery method overnight.

Top 5 Apprenticeship trends to expect after COVID-19

How will #COVID_19 affect #apprenticeships in the long run?  The COVID-19 situation has created a ‘new normal’ in apprenticeships – students learning from home, tutors providing remote support, a suspension of Ofsted inspections and temporary funding rules.


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