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Employers in the Apprenticeship driving seat still looking for the open road

Opportunities The new Government sees boundless opportunities as the country emerges from its #Brexit pre-occupation. One of these has to be a new Apprenticeship strategy as the current 2020 policy horizon has arrived.

Institute for Apprenticeships – A Time to be Bold

Responsibilities for integrity, quality and funding give the new Institute for Apprenticeships a potentially vital and lasting role in the national skills infrastructure but only if its role is fully formed and it has the space to both support and constructively challenge the progress that the reforms are making.

Robert Halfon's Apprenticeship Legacy

If luck is an essential requirement for successful generals then timing is really important for Ministers who want to make a lasting difference. Robert Halfon has set out his priorities for his tenure and they are admirable. There is also a good chance they could be achieved if opportunities that currently present themselves are taken.

Preserving the Apprenticeship Legacy for Social Mobility

When there is a change of Prime Minister, commentators are quick to talk about the legacy left behind. This is usually simplified to one or two high-level strategic judgements or achievements. On this occasion, Brexit dominated but there were also wider reflections.

Quality apprenticeships – time to trust the experts

Prime Ministerial overviews rarely fail to feature apprenticeships. The aspiration that school leavers should either go into HE or start an apprenticeship, along with the manifesto commitment promising three million more apprenticeships by 2020, are clear public statements of intent and ambition.

End to end learner journeys – from initial to end-point assessments - #FutureOfAssessment Episode 4

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