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New Career Hubs are accelerating careers education progress and performance by 56% in 12 months

New Hubs hit highs honing young people's job choices nationwide  

4 positive signs that careers education is improving everywhere

Careers and enterprise provision in England’s schools and colleges The Careers and Enterprise Company’s annual summary of the careers education taking place in England "The State of the Nation" has just been published.

State of the Nation: Two million students’ careers boosted by contact with business

More than two million young people are now regularly meeting employers and learning about the world of work, according to new research published by today (20 Sept).

#GCSEResultsDay2019 More choice than ever, more support than ever

More than half a million 16-year-olds – and their nervous families – will today find out their GSCE results.

Major school survey identifies significant improvements in careers support

Careers provision in England has improved over the last two years, according to a major survey of schools released last week.


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