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The Language of Skills

John has been working as Head Chef in a restaurant for the last five years, but due to the closure of the premises during the current crisis, the owner has just announced he is going to have to close it, with all staff being laid off. John is devastated, as this is a job he loves doing, and all the more so when he realises there is currently no demand for chefs. As he sits down to write his CV, he starts to wonder what kind of job he might look for. One that utilises the skills he has acquired, of course, by what exactly are they? Cooking. Managing a team. Anything else?

How can colleges and training providers be more forensic in Curriculum Intent and Curriculum Design?

"Lego Learners" Are Tomorrow's Global Workforce: Dis-aggregating job titles into skills

The emerging trends for tomorrow's workforce #FutureofEmployment

How can your existing institutional data take your delivery to the next level? #FutureofEducation


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