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New Career Coach

We've just redesigned our Career Coach tool to enable education providers to guide people on a seamless careers journey, from initial thoughts about...

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Sheffield College's John Gray joins Emsi as Director of Further Education

John Gray has joined Emsi as Director of Further Education, where he will play a key role in managing strategic customer relationships and ensuring that our tools provide innovative solutions for the FE market. 

Major New Report on the STEM Skills Shortage

We often hear from the Government, media and employer groups that Britain faces a shortage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills.

Getting Ready for T Levels

During the recent Annual Apprenticeship Conference in Birmingham, I picked up three major points about T-Levels.

Identifying the Potential for Creating New Apprenticeships in Your Region

In our previous piece, we demonstrated the research we have undertaken to identify all occupations in the labour market that have “apprenticeship potential”, and then went on to show how these occupations could be mapped to the national labour market to establish demand. The purpose was to demonstrate how to quickly and simply identify the industries, occupations and – by implication – the employers that could be targeted for apprenticeships, but which are not necessarily part of the traditional apprenticeship pool.

Broadening Apprenticeship Provision Beyond Traditional Occupations

When the Government set a target of creating 3 million apprenticeships by 2020, one thing was immediately clear: they were never going to hit that target without apprenticeships being created outside the “traditional apprenticeship” occupations. This is one of the basic points of the levy, it being designed as a way to encourage employers in all sorts of industries to take on apprentices – not just those that have traditionally done so.