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All Set to Teach!

We may have been guilty of taking our teachers for granted in the past but for many people, homeschooling has been a learning experience leaving us valuing the role of our teachers more than ever.  For others, they may have discovered a new love for the role.  At Newtown College (part of NPTC Group of Colleges) we offer a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) for those that are graduates from a relevant subject looking to gain a nationally recognised teaching qualification to work in further education and the broader post-compulsory sector. On the course, you will develop skills, knowledge and understanding of successful practice in Post-Compulsory Education and your confidence as a professional practitioner.

Health board improves workforce equality with its Apprenticeships Programme

@NPTCGroup - A healthier and more equal Wales is at the heart of Swansea Bay University Health Board’s Apprenticeship Programme. Embedded in the Health Board’s Strategic Equality Plan is the aim to improve workforce equality and this will be driven partly through apprentice recruitment.

Green Skills Shaping the Future

@NPTCGroup of Colleges is joining forces with like-minded organisations and helping to build a greener future. We are all having to re-think the way in which we live and work as we hopefully head towards a world with zero carbon emissions, and on Thursday, April 1 at 7.30 pm, a group of experts are coming together to help discuss hi-tech innovations and the many job opportunities expected to be generated to help tackle climate change.

Childcare student Elin is Heading for Success

Elin Jones, a former Level 3 Childcare student at Brecon Beacons College (Part of @NPTCGroup of Colleges), took the time to tell us how she has taken the next step to further her studies at the College.

Virtual Masterclass with Visual Artist Kate Mercer

Art students from NPTC Group of Colleges (@NPTCGroup) were given a snapshot of what it’s really like to be a practising artist in Wales when visual Artist Kate Mercer gave a virtual masterclass.

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