Foundation Degree Photography student, Harry Starbuck’s creative expertise is “hot off the press” hitting national and global headlines - following his captivating photo of the newly engaged royal couple’s first public appearance.

Harry, 18, from Chilwell, who only began his two year course at Nottingham College in October, joined the thousands of excited people who came out to see and capture the moment that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came to Nottingham.

It was Harry’s eye-catching photo however that was selected to feature in award winning national newspapers including The Guardian and The Telegraph which have a global readership.

Speaking of the shot that has now gained national recognition, Harry said:

“There was a woman holding her baby stood directly in front of me, so when they came around they started talking to the baby, that’s what you see in the shot!”

The national features have been the highlight of his career journey so far and Harry feels confident that this recent experience will further propel his enjoyment on his course and his future goals. He continued:

“Everything seems to be going in the right direction for me. I’m really enjoying the course so far that’s mainly about turning inexperienced photographers into professionals and preparing us for the ‘real world’.

“I’ve met some great people and I’m already learning a lot about being a professional photographer and am hoping after the course I will be ready to be a professional sports photographer.” 

Harry and students on the photography course were encouraged by the College to use their creative imaginations and skills to capture the special moment that the royal couple came to greet the huge crowds. The brief was that it was “a fantastic opportunity to get an image out and used!”

Harry’s Course Leader, Matt Bunn sent the inspiring, memorable photos captured by the students via. PA Images, a wire agency that feeds into the national and international press. The papers can access any image that is on the wire through a matrix and chose to use Harry’s to bring their articles to life.

Speaking of Harry’s new found national success, Mr Bunn said:

“I sent the students out to get what they could and Harry was lucky and showed good judgement in getting the frame. He has been studying press photography and the sort of image that sells. This is essential to any photographer - knowing where their image sits.

“He is a good and keen student who is wanting to be a news/sports photographer and with this new experience, he could be well on the way to reaching his goals!”

Mr Bunn feels that it is a fantastic opportunity for student morale and progression: “I think it is very important for the students to get their work out there and be seen as much as possible. We promote on all social media platforms and show the works publicly whenever possible. This gives a lift to the entire group and offers hope that they are able to succeed in a very competitive market.

“From my point of view, it is very good because it means that the students believe me - when I say there is a chance of a front page and then one goes and gets it - bingo!”

View more of Harry’s work, at Harry Starbuck Photography.

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