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On Saturday 3rd March, Ben Chai debuted his first TEDx talk at Surrey University to an audience of over 100 individual on the theme 'Be'. Ben delivered the 18 minute talk around the theme of 'Be' at the Ivy Arts Centre with the initiative of "ideas worth spreading" which was fully curated by independent organisers.

The sold out event saw Chai, known as the 'Dr Who of business', speak on the theme 'Be' by incorporating his own idea of this to 'be magnetic'.  Talking about his journey of how being socially magnetic and attracting meaningful relationships made him successful.

He spoke about his experience as young child and how he was a victim of racism. Overcoming adversity he became very successful and showed the audience one of the biggest learnings he did. The bullying and adversity taught him how to love who he was and demonstrated this with a mirror prop he bought onto stage to show the audience that sometimes you need to stare into your own reflection to become your own very best friend.

During the talk Chai brought up a volunteer from the audience to demonstrate how to 'be magnetic'; a theme from his latest book release 'Social Magnetism'. Chai asked the audience member what makes him want to get up in the morning and not the standard questions such as 'who are you' and 'what do you do?' The underlying theme was how to add value to a person and increasing one's self worth.

Rufaro Mazarura, TEDxSurreyUniversity Organiser said;

"It was such a pleasure to have Ben speak at our event! He really inspired our audience to be magnetic, build better relationships and we can't wait to share his talk with the global TEDx community."

Chai is a well known figure in the world of international speaking and coaching, he has achieved an incredible feat of speaking in over 70 countries. It is not only his accomplishments in public speaking that is notable, but also within property. He has over 30 years of experience behind him and an impressive portfolio of 22 properties.

He has a vast knowledge of business, spanning over ten different industries, including finance, cyber security and cryptocurrency having recently published a White Paper on the dangers associated with trading bitcoin in a volatile market.

While not working on developing his businesses, he records lively videos that are uploaded to his Facebook and YouTube, including a popular segment every Monday around the subject of mindset. Whatsmore, when not educating others, the fascinating business man is a keen dancer. 

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