Guide to help academy trusts submit their land and buildings collection tool to the ESFA.


Land and buildings collection tool summary guidance for academies 2018


Academy land and buildings collection tool workbook 2018

MS Excel Spreadsheet, 1.08MB

Land and buildings collection tool guidance for diocesan users 2018



We have updated 2018 guidance documents ahead of the LBCT 2018 release in October later this year. These include a summary guidance document for academy users, guidance for diocesan users and the example workbook.

If your academy trust has ‘church owned land’ recorded in you LBCT return please read the summary guidance as there are important changes this year to note.

You can also view an introductory video explaining what the LBCT is.

Accessing the land and buildings collection tool

The land and buildings collection tool is currently closed. This is the link to the LBCT login, it will open 1 October 2018 for the next collection. All users must login via this link once set up in the IDAMs system.

Registering to access the LBCT

The online form uses the IDAMs registration service to grant users access to the online forms and trusts must be registered and set up to use the service before they can access the form.

Read this guide on how to register and set up the online forms for the LBCT.


We have published an updated LBCT workbook. This can be tailored to your own circumstances by deleting sections that you don’t need. If you have used the workbook last year you won’t need to complete another. There are a few small updates in the form but nothing that will require any significant rework and you don’t have to complete this again.

You can’t use the workbook to submit your trust’s LBCT. You must use the online form.

How to contact us if you have queries

This year we are holding a series of weekly skype calls and webchat sessions for LBCT form users. These will run from week 1 of the collection to week 6. In the last 6 days of the collection period, we will hold daily calls and webchats to help as many users as possible. We welcome all LBCT related questions and will try and help users then and there. If you would prefer to ask a question via the ESFA academy questions, please do so.

Collection weekFormatDateTime and duration
Week 1 Skype call 2 October 2018 1pm for 1 hour
Week 1 Webchat 5 October 2018 10am for 2 hours
Week 2 Skype call 8 October 2018 1pm for 1 hour
Week 2 Webchat 12 October 2018 10am for 2 hours
Week 3 Skype call 16 October 2018 1pm for 1 hour
Week 3 Webchat 19 October 2018 10am for 2 hours
Week 4 Skype call 23 October 2018 1pm for 1 hour
Week 4 Webchat 26 October 2018 10am for 2 hours
Week 5 Skype call Daily 1pm for 1 hour
Week 5 Webchat Daily 10am for 1 hour
Week 6 Skype call 5 November 1pm for 1 hour
Week 6 Webchat 5 November 10am for 1 hour

Skype calls

If you use Skype, you can access the meeting via this link: Join Skype Meeting

If you don’t use Skype, you can dial 0203 321 5238 and, when prompted, enter the meeting code 7596 8164


Please click this link to access the webchats and enter this eventcode #LBCT2018 into the website when prompted. Please note that we will only be responding to webchats during the times in the table above but you can ask your question in advance.

ESFA questions

If you have any questions about the LBCT, please contact us using our enquiry form. Please put “LBCT” at the top of the form.

Published 10 July 2017 
Last updated 10 August 2018 + show all updates

  1.  We've updated the LBCT guidance to include a diocesan user guidance document, this will provide further information for academies with church owned land and for diocesan users.
  2.  Summary guidance for academy trusts about the land and buildings collection tool. The return will open 1 October 2018 and has a deadline to be submitted to the ESFA by 5 November 2018
  3.  Updated the LBCT page to add an introductory guidance video
  4.  We've updated this page to include the most recent LBCT webinar which took place on 19 October.
  5.  Updated with information for academy trusts with church schools occupying church-owned land.
  6.  Updated with revised guidance for completing the land and buildings collection tool
  7.  Updated attachments to change the terminology for a 'right of use' occupation to 'customary occupation' and 'leasehold improvement' to 'alteration of non-freehold land/building' to match the language in the online form.
  8.  First published.

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