The impact of GCSE reforms on students’ preparedness for A level maths and English literature.


GCSE reform in schools

Ref: Ofqual 19/6556PDF, 467KB, 39 pages


As the programme of GCSE and A level reform has been implemented, we have undertaken work to consider and evaluate the implications of the changes to the qualifications. This new report explores teachers’ views on the degree to which reformed GCSEs in maths and English literature prepare students for A level study in these subjects – thus considering one of the policy aims of reform. The report finds that the majority of maths teachers commented that the reformed maths GCSE prepares students at least as well for A level study, if not better, than the legacy GCSE. Teachers’ perceptions of the reformed English literature GCSE were more mixed, but of those that commented on students’ general preparedness for English literature at A level, the majority believed that students were equally or better prepared having studied the reformed GCSE.

Published 13 December 2019