This consultation seeks your views on our proposed strategy to improve further education (FE) workforce data.

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Consultation description

In summer 2018, the Department for Education (DfE) undertook a call for evidence to understand FE sector opinions on:

  • the data currently collected in relation to FE workforce
  • what additional requirements there might be
  • how the sector thought this could be achieved

The feedback we received indicated that the sector places a high value on workforce data.

FE providers use data for:

  • workforce planning
  • sector analysis
  • benchmarking
  • identifying skills gaps.

The call for evidence highlighted the collective effort the sector has made to improve existing data collections and the lessons we can learn from this.

This consultation will build on the evidence we have gathered to date by testing our proposed strategy.


FE workforce data collection

PDF, 580KB, 32 pages

Published 20 March 2019