Subject content, aims and leaning objectives for GCSE in physical education (PE) for teaching from 2016.


GCSE subject content for physical education

Ref: DFE-00697-2014PDF, 234KB, 8 pages

GCSE activity list for physical education

Ref: DfE-00009-2020PDF, 228KB, 8 pages


These publications set out the learning outcomes and content coverage required for GCSE specifications in physical education (PE).

Published 26 January 2015
Last updated 14 February 2020 + show all updates
  1. Updated the activity list to include new conditions relating to athletics and sailing.

  2. Added the updated activity list for 2019.

  3. Updated activity list document to remove wheelchair football, because it is covered by powerchair football, and to clarify that rugby union can only be used for one activity.

  4. First published.