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£100 Cash Bonus For Students Who Stay On After 16

Ivan Lewis, Minister for Skills and Vocational Education has announced that students who qualify for the new weekly Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and stayed on in education after 16 last term, will receive their first £100 cash bonus. Students are eligible for a bonus of £100 in January and July and again in October if they come back for a second year. “Students have worked hard for their bonuses. They have all signed personal agreements for attendance and commitment and their schools and college are reporting renewed motivation in the classroom. This is a something-for-something scheme which proved during trials to be exceptionally effective in helping people stay on,” commented Lewis.

Through EMA, students who continue in further education and live in a household with an annual income of £30,000 or less can receive £10, £20 or £30 each week, in return for regular attendance on their courses. The bonus payments can be worth up £500 in total over 2 years. The main objective of the EMA is to ease the financial pressures experienced by young people in further education and reduce the drop out rate among 16 year olds.

“Many young people across England receiving EMA since we introduced it nationwide in September would not otherwise have had the means to continue studying after their GCSEs,” added Lewis. Young people who are 17 years old between 1st September 2004 and 31st August 2005 are eligible for payments if they engage in at least 12 hours a week of guided learning on further education courses in school sixth forms, sixth form colleges and FE colleges. Students interested in applying for the scheme can call the free EMA helpline on 080 810 16219 or log on to

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