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LSC Celebrates Hard Work European Social Fund Participants

Last night, the Learning and Skills Council London Central celebrated European Social Fund success with its Celebrating Success Event at the Earth Galleries at the London’s Natural History Museum. The event celebrated the hard work of the many providers and individuals who have participated in ESF projects co-financed through the Learning and Skills Council London Central.

Over 100 guests, including the Lord Mayor of Westminster and the Mayor ofSouthwark heard from the Minister responsible for ESF, Chris Pond MP who reminded the audience that ESF money is being used to help some of the capital’s most deprived communities. “This extra help ensures that disadvantaged groups, such as lone parents and people in work today and be part of our drive for an 80 per cent employment rate in the UK.”

Since the ESF programme began in 2002, it has supported over 60,000individuals, through more than 1,200 organisations. Nearly 60 % of thoseinvolved have been women, more than half have been from black andminority ethnic groups and over 3000 have been people with disabilities. The ESF provides £4.9 billion in the UK (£4.6 billion in Great Britain; £3.7 billion in England) in 2000-06 to support projects to help unemployed and disadvantaged people improve their employability and skills.

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