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QCA & Sector Skills Councils Drive Training Strategy Forward

QCA and Sector Skills Councils Drive Training Strategies

Rapid progress has been made between the Qualifications and CurriculumAuthority (QCA) and the Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) in developingqualifications strategies that underpin the completed Sector SkillsAgreements (SSAs) referred to today at the launch of the Skills White Paper.

To date the QCA have agreed and signed three partnership agreements todevelop and implement qualifications strategies. These have been signedbetween QCA and Skillset for the Audio Visual Sector; SEMTA for theEngineering Sector; and CITB-Construction Skills for the constructionindustry.

Mary Curnock Cook, Director of Qualifications and Skills Division, said:

“These industries employ millions of people in the UK. Partnershipagreements demonstrate a new willingness to work together to make sure thatthe right nationally recognised qualifications are available to meet theneeds of each sector.

“When each sector has the flexible qualifications it wants and needs, itwill be much easier to ensure that more new entrants and the existingworkforce participate in recognised training.

“The QCA and the SSCs will work together to examine the existing range ofqualifications in each sector and determine how effective they are inmeeting the current needs of employers and the workforce. The partnershipswill look at the individual needs of each sector and identify any gaps thatcurrently exist or where further provision needs to be made.

“This process gives us the opportunity to keep the most successfulqualifications, drop those that have no currency and develop new ones tofill gaps. By adopting nationally recognised qualifications and standardsboth the employer and the learner will benefit from the clarity and thetransportability of the qualifications adopted.”

The strategies will examine vocational provision at all levels and explorecreative and innovative solutions, including e-learning and assessment, todrive forward the skills agenda.

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