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Improve, the food and drink sector skills council to launch new vocational qualifications

Improve, the food & drink sector skills council, will unveil the master-plan for a revolutionary raft of 16 new vocational qualifications at the Pick your Mix event in Leeds on 6 July.

The new framework for NVQs and SVQs will replace the existing qualifications at Level 2 in meat and poultry, general food and drink manufacturing with a new matrix of units of competence that can be combined any of 10 pathways.

At Level 3 there will be six pathways. The selected pathways for both levels will be identified as the title of the qualification.

Awarding bodies are developing the new qualifications, with the first of them expected to be available from September.

Jack Matthews, chief executive of Improve, said: “The launch of the Qualifications Framework is a crucial milestone for our mission to ensure that training and qualifications are designed to meet the needs of the sector.”

The flexibility of the new qualifications means that even within a single pathway there will be multiple choices of units that can be combined to build the qualification using a pick-and-mix approach.

In the future more pathways and units will be added to the framework to include more sub-sectors within food and drink manufacturing, and more functions.

Matthews continued: “This is only the beginning, because now that we have the framework in place we can go on to expand the range of pathways and the choice of units of learning, creating clearer and more accessible routes to success.”

Keisha Nelson

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