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Shadow Education Secretary Launches Attack On Curriculum Authority

In yet another Conservative attack on Labour quangos, Shadow Education Tim Collins has called the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority “a part of the problem” in the fight to safeguard exam standards. In a speech to the National Catholic Heads, Collins said that “rather than pointing the way towards higher standards, the QCA has vigorously led the path downhill.”

The QCA, an independent quango, is tasked with a series of roles including regulating the public examination system and developing the national curriculum. In a pre-election call for reform, Collins also discussed the need to make history a mandatory part of the national curriculum until age 16. “Nothing is more important to the survival of the British nation than an understanding among its young of our shared heritage and the nature of the struggles, foreign and domestic, which have secured our freedom,” said Collins.

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In response, a spokesman for the QCA sidestepped the attack and agreed with Collins about the need for history lessons commenting, “History has a very important place in the national curriculum. The recent guidance about teaching chronology emphasizes the importance of learning when events happened, as well as learning why they still matter today.”

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