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Students Hone Delivery Skills at Moreton Morrell Centre

Students on agricultural courses at Warwickshire College’s Moreton Morrell Centre are currently in the process of delivering the first of the early lambs on the College Farm as part of their course.

College Farm Manager Richard Price said, “During the early months of the year, our agricultural students take turns covering 48-hour lambing periods on the farm. In doing so, they gain valuable experience before they go out on their work placements later in the spring.”

The Farm itself, called Nethermoreton Farm, is an integral part of Warwickshire College’s Moreton Morrell Centre. Run as a commercial enterprise, it provides a real training environment for students on land-based courses. The lambs are the products of a flock of 45 pedigree Suffolk sheep and a flock of 800 commercial ewes. The lambs from the pedigree ewes will be sold to local farmers as high quality breeding stock. By March, when lambing draws to a close, the flocks will have produced an anticipated 1500 lambs.

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