Data and information on learners, learning programmes and learner achievement from across the further education sector.

The further education (FE) data library offers data and information on learners, learning programmes and learner achievement.

These tables are a further cascade of the further education and skills statistics collection.

Please refer to the main collection for further education publications such as:

  • further education and skills releases
  • apprenticeship and traineeship releases
  • apprenticeship and levy statistics

There are tables and reports included in the FE data library that cover areas of interest not represented in the main statistics publication.

If you have feedback or questions on any aspect of this data library, please contact the further education statistical dissemination team:

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FE[email protected]

FE data library: current data

Please refer to this section for the latest reported figures for further education.

  1. FE data library: help for finding data
    • Guidance
  2. Further education and skills data
    • Statistical data set
  3. Apprenticeships and traineeships data
    • Statistical data set
  4. Education and training
    • Statistical data set
  5. English and maths
    • Statistical data set
  6. Community learning
    • Statistical data set

FE data library: older data

FE and skills data for previous academic years in discontinued formats.

  1. Experimental apprenticeships data visualisations
    • Official Statistics
  2. Apprenticeship vacancies archive
    • Statistical data set
  3. Equality and diversity
    • Statistical data set
  4. Other statistics and research
    • Statistical data set
  5. Provider and local authority tables
    • Statistical data set
  6. Qualifications in the population
    • Statistical data set
  7. Vocational qualifications archive
    • Guidance
  8. Workplace learning
    • Statistical data set

Published 5 March 2014
Last updated 28 November 2019 + show all updates

  1. Moved the ‘Community learning’ and ‘English and maths’ collections to the Current data section.
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  3. Deleted data sets and created a new document group to restructure the order of the statistical data sets.
  4. Updated contact details, removed an outdated note on the review of FE statistical releases, and updated the description of our publications to ‘statistics publications’.
  5. Updated ‘Experimental apprenticeships data visualisations’ with 2 new visualisations ‘Apprenticeships starts dashboard by level and age: academic year 2010 to 2011 to academic year 2015 to 2016’ and ‘Apprenticeship starts by parliamentary constituency and sector subject area: academic year 2015 to 2016’.
  6. Experimental interactive apprenticeship data visualisations added
  7. Added a note on a review to develop the statistical release and its data cascade.
  8. New page titled FE data library vocational qualifications archive added to collection on 24 March 2016.
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