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Ofqual Handbook

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Ofqual Handbook: General Conditions of Recognition

Rules and guidance for all awarding organisations and all regulated qualifications

This document sets out Ofqual’s General Conditions of Recognition (and associated requirements) – the rules we have set for all the qualifications and organisations we regulate. It also includes our guidance on how to comply with these rules.

All regulated awarded organisations have a legal obligation to:

  • comply with these rules on an ongoing basis
  • have regard to this guidance

Using the Ofqual HandbookHow to use this handbook

Section A – GovernanceRules about governance of awarding organisations, including management of conflicts of interest, risks, incidents and malpractice

Section B – The awarding organisation and OfqualRules about the relationship between awarding organisations and Ofqual, including in relation to responsible officers, reporting of information and the use of Ofqual’s logo

Section C – Third partiesRules about arrangements with third parties, including Centres and publishers

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Section D – General requirements for regulated qualificationsGeneral rules, including about qualification fitness for purpose and accessibility, and about reviewing approach, enquiries and complaints, withdrawing qualifications and information for teachers.

Section E – Design and development of qualificationsRules about qualification design and development, including about qualification titling, qualification specifications, credit, and qualification size and level.

Section F – Providing qualifications to purchasersRules about providing information on qualification fees and feature, packaging qualifications with other products or services, and invoicing

Section G – Setting and delivering the assessmentRules about setting and delivering assessments, including about the language of assessments, maintaining confidentiality of assessments, reasonable adjustments and special consideration

Section H – From marking to issuing resultsRules about marking, moderation, setting specified levels of attainment and results

Section I – Appeals and certificatesRules about appeals, complaints and the content, design and issuing of certificates

Section J – Interpretation and definitionsHow to interpret our rules, including defined terms

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