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Learn 2 Live at Exeter College

The focus at Exeter College is always on teaching, learning and supportive tutoring which meets the needs and aspirations of our Learners. As part of this, we provide students with an opportunity to attend Big Tutorials across the academic year including a road safety education event called Learn2Live.

This event is run by road safety teams made up of representatives from local government and emergency services including, among others, Devon County Council, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and Devon and Cornwall Police. To date over 100,000 Devon and Cornwall students have seen the presentations.

In the South West young drivers have the highest crash risk of all age groups. This is true for all types of crashes, from those involving only minor property damage, through to those causing injury and death. The risk is greater in the first few years of driving, when limited driving experience, and risk taking behind the wheel, can result in disaster.

Providing our students with an opportunity to attend this event will provide them with invaluable skills and knowledge to prepare them for the future. The Learn2Live event this academic year is taking place on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th November.

The Learn2Live event carries powerful messages and can create emotional responses from the audience, both tutors and students. While the audience will hear stories relating to real collisions, L2L works hard to ensure that their audiences come away with positive messages and practical ideas of how to keep safe on the roads, either as drivers or as passengers.

Students will all attend with their Tutor/Subject Lecturers who will be able to offer information and support. The event is also attended by the College’s Wellbeing Team who are available to support students during and after the event.

All students attending will also have a tutorial before the event, the presentation for this can be found on the L2L website, along with more information and resources. The event will then be followed up with an opportunity for students to attend Road Safety tutorials to ensure the knowledge and skills they learnt at the event are embedded. 

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