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London Learning Consortium gains Matrix again!


London Learning Consortium (LLC) is one of London’s largest Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE), whose vision is ‘improving prosperity for all through learning’. Initially established as a prime contractor to support local third sector and small providers in and around south London, LLC’s mission is to ‘to deliver the best opportunities together’

The organisation last met the matrix Standard in 2015 and has now been re accredited with the Matrix Standard, the nationally recognised quality standard for information, advice and guidance services.

In preparing for their Accreditation Review LLC were very clear on gaining whole

organisation accreditation with staff, learners and partners from LLC Local and LLC

Professional factored into the scope. LLC wanted to ensure that its prospective and present students were receiving the best information, advice and guidance possible.

Stephen Jeffery, Chief Executive said:

This is the third time we have been reaccredited for the Matrix standard, but this is by far the best report we have received to date. Our staff and partners are rightly proud of this achievement and it goes to show that high quality information and information networks are a key ingredient to providing effective education and skills delivery’.

Many strengths were identified within the assessment report which was approved by the Matrix accreditation body. It commented that London Learning Consortium’s ‘IAG service is well managed with clear and effective leadership ensuring all staff understand how this support service is pivotal to the realisation of wider key performance indicators’.

‘The monitoring and evaluation of predetermined outcomes occurs naturally during one to one intervention support, with the ILP updated to help evaluate attitudinal and circumstantial outcomes. Learner reviews celebrate distance travelled and in some instances case studies are produced.’

Student’s complimentary comments are also evident throughout the report, especially with reference to the support they have received:


‘I am full of praise for LLC. Yes my course was very intense and there was a point when I nearly gave up. However, my wonderful mentor pushed me. Her encouragement made all the difference and now I am employed in my local school;

A year ago I felt like a failure at college. Today I am positive and motivated and university ready. This is all down to LLC and how they rebuild an individuals confidence and self esteem.

The report also concluded that, ‘The Accreditation Review showcased an organisation that is maximising its IAG service to reach out to disadvantaged clients and excite them about future learning, work, career and life goals. An air of optimism permeates the organisation, with the workforce building upon recent successful inspections and assessments and growth plans being implemented. As the organisation embraces future development and wider expansion of LLC Local and LLC Professional, they do so with an embedded IAG service that is of a good quality and steeped in professional integrity values of empowerment, social mobility and making a difference.’ LLC staff and learners can be proud of their achievements and look forward to future successes.

‘Care is taken at the enrolment stage to capture ambitions, goals and aspirations.’

‘Enhanced IAG – currently facilitated by the curriculum manager, this role is one where person centred mentoring approaches are targeted at learners requiring support over and above that provided by their tutor/TDC. The role is particularly well used for learners at risk of withdrawal or non completion.’

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