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School Letting Solutions wins 100th partnership to help Parkside Community College increase income

One of the fastest growing sport and leisure companies in the country has secured its 100th partnership in a bid to generate extra income for schools.

School Lettings Solutions, which matches schools seeking additional income with clubs looking for quality facilities, continues its nationwide expansion by partnering with Parkside Community College in Cambridge.

Entrepreneurs Paul Andrews and Scott Warrington founded School Letting Solutions in 2011 and now employ over 400 staff.

School Letting Solutions works in partnership with schools across the country to improve access to high quality facilities for over 5,000 sports clubs, performing arts groups and community organisations.

Director of School Letting Solutions, Scott Warrington, said: “At a time when secondary schools and colleges face a cut in funding, we are partnering with more schools to help them to increase revenue and fill this gap. At the same time, community groups can gain access to quality facilities, supported by experienced staff who meet the highest standards in child safeguarding.

“We strongly believe that all young people should have access to activities that enable them to reach their full potential to help with their physical and mental health. That’s why we are continuing to develop partnerships with schools to improve community access to facilities across the country.”

Jodh Dhesi, head teacher of Parkside Community College in Cambridge, said: “We are really pleased to be working in partnership with School Letting Solutions, and aim to create a safe and positive community space for young people to thrive and develop their creative aspirations.”

Parkside Community College has partnered with School Letting Solutions to hire out a range of rooms including its sports hall, IT suite and theatre space. The college hosts evening and weekend classes from the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts, Wing Chun International and Sewn Sustainably among others.

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