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The biggest ‘shop window’ for skills soon to arrive in capital – WorldSkills 2011

worldskills opening ceremony

With the UK’s exam results due shortly and the recent hike in university fees, parents are looking at vocational skills as an alternative career choice for their children.

The 41st WorldSkills event due to be held in October 2011 at ExCel London is a hope for many young people and their families in Britain.

Vocational skills are at the heart of WorldSkills London 2011, and experts will be on hand to share practical knowledge and careers advice.

Young people can ‘have a go’ at a wide range of skills, from electronics to plumbing, creative arts and fashion to cabinet making.

The vision of the event is to ‘create an unforgettable skills experience celebrating young people’s vocational talent which inspires others to see vocational education and skills leading to a valuable and worthwhile career choice.’

For many in Britain, WorldSkills 2011 could be an avenue to finding out more about careers in skills, teachers, parents, schools, employers, businesses, sponsors, partners and stakeholders.

The four day event is the largest skills competition in the world, and is expected to draw 150,000 visitors and see some 1,000 competitors from 50 countries/regions competing in 45 skill areas.

WorldSkills is also developing an education engagement programme that will be integrated into the national curriculum with the aim to encourage students to think seriously about a vocational skill as a worthwhile and valued career choice.

Aastha Gill

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