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THE RUSTY RALLY: A European adventure for the mediocre motor car

The Outward Bound Trust is proud to announce the return of its epic fundraising adventure: The Rusty Rally.

The Rusty Rally is a grand European adventure, where teams take on the challenge of driving through 6 countries in 3 days, navigating some of the world’s most famous driving roads and spectacular high mountain passes. Add to the mix that they will be driving a car worth only £500 and this is a road trip worthy of a Top Gear special!

Both the ‘Italian Route’ and the ‘Viking Route’ will be returning this year as teams are tasked with driving between 800 and 1000 miles in their old bangers. Each evening The Rusty Rally Headquarters will relocate to a different town where you will meet all the Rally teams to swap stories of strange people, places and cultures you have encountered along the way.

The Italian Route: 8 – 11 June 2017

A beautiful route passing through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Visit military sites, sample French cuisine, cruise through the famous Black Forest, have lunch by the towering Rhine Falls, drive over one of The Alps’ highest mountain passes and finally relax by the shores of The Italian Lakes – this has it all. Check out the video and photos to get a real flavour of this scenic route.

The Viking Route: 14 – 17 September 2017

Alternatively, blaze a trail through Northern Europe, taking you through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Demark and Sweden. Picture rolling landscapes, towering windmills, pretty canals, jaw dropping bridges and coastlines and beautiful Nordic towns. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself in the video and photos:

The Outward Bound Trust

The Rusty Rally, whilst a fun challenge, will raise important funds for The Outward Bound Trust, witheach team working towards a target of raising £10,000. The entire sum will go directly towards funding bursary schemes that enable disadvantaged young people to attend a life-changing course.

The Outward Bound Trust works in partnership with secondary schools and colleges to deliver outdoor residential experiences, focusing on how skills and experiences can be transferred back into the home, school or work environment – raising aspirations and developing effective leaders.

Supporter of the Outward Bound Trust and renowned travel documentarian and former president of the Royal Geographic Society, Michael Palin CBE, has shown his support for the Rusty Rally with ringing endorsements for both routes:


‘Driving over the Swiss Alps is one of the greatest adventures you can have on four wheels. Driving through them in an old banger with six European countries to visit in three days makes an adventure into a major challenge, in which only the Rustiest will survive. Very good luck, and remember, stick to the right side of the road.’ Michael Palin


‘6 countries in an old banger has adventure travel written all over it. It’s the sort of thing the Vikings used to do in ships. I hope they give you a Rusty reception after your epic 1000 mile journey.’ Michael Palin

About The Outward Bound Trust: Founded in 1941 as an educational charity and exists to unlock the potential of young people from every walk of life through learning and outdoor adventure.

The Outward Bound Trust offers significant bursaries funded by a range of generous supporters. Last year it celebrated its 75th anniversary, in which time it has helped over 1 million young people to unlock their full potential through unique approaches to learning and adventure in the wild.

The Duke of York, KG is the Chairman of Trustees and The Duke of Edinburgh is the Patron.

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