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William Clarence Education Welcomes new Head of Schools and University Consultancy

Alongside the launch of William Clarence School Services, the leading London education consultancy’s school admissions and marketing arm, the firm proudly announced the arrival of Diana Morant to its Family Services team this month.

Protections need to be put in place to safeguard institutions and students against ‘commission creep’

I’m disturbed to hear of a dishonest and exploitative practice affecting further education right now.

Put Less Money into the Classroom and More into the Workspace

New year heralds a time of change; a chance to cast off the old and usher in the new, and this seems to be the case for higher education.

VAT on fees would be nail in the coffin for small independent schools

When I read that Millfield School is reducing its fees by 10% and has urged other leading schools to follow suit claiming it’s ‘the right thing to do’, it made me wonder if it’s not the right thing but the only thing to do to survive.

Minimising Worthless Degrees By Restricting Student Loans for Poor A Level Results Makes Perfect Sense

A new year is bringing radical new changes to the higher education sector and ones that could see a complete overhaul of the current perception that university should be available to (virtually) all.

Over half of independent schools already share their facilities, now they have to share their staff too?

The government’s edict that independent schools must now share teaching staff with state schools in order to justify their charitable status leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Endorsement or bribery? Undergraduates three times more likely to receive an offer after 'string pulling'

From getting a good table at your favourite restaurant to hearing about a brilliant job before it’s advertised, we all know it’s not what you know but who you know. Now a study has shown that undergraduates who receive a personal endorsement are three times more likely to receive an offer, despite being no better than any other applicant.

Even the royal family knows the future is Chinese

There was a time when classrooms were dominated by the ‘3 Rs’, reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. Now, the focus is on Mandarin. And it’s not just the privileged kids in boaters learning this Chinese language – the subject is being taught to state school children from the poorest areas.

William Clarence Education Director issues new advice on T Levels following Westminster Conference

Stephen Spriggs, founder and MD of the leading London Education Consultancy, shared his thoughts this week in a new statement, following the firm’s appearance at Westminster Education Forum to advise on the future of T-Levels.

Is a UCAS system really the hidden answer for independent schools?

To win a place at private school, 11-year-olds have to prepare for and sit a number of entrance exams and then smile through lots of interviews, which can be exhausting for child and parent alike. So, the suggestion that the independent sector should adopt a UCAS-style selection application system sounds great, although, as ever, the devil is in the detail.

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