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C-Learning Shortlisted for National Digital Awards for 'Best Use of Technology in Education'

Today (4 Oct), C-Learning has been shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Best Use of Technology in Education’ award at the 2018 Digital Entrepreneur Awards (DEAs).

Basingstoke College of Technology to Host ‘Showcasing Learning Resources’ Event

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) have announced a ‘Showcasing Learning Resources’ half day event on Wednesday the 27th March for staff in the further education sector seeking to gain insights into how technology is helping to reduce workloads and deliver transformation in learner engagement.

From Silicon Valley To The Classroom: #EdTech Lessons From The West Coast

American internet entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn, once said that Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location.

Smarter Learning: How artificial intelligence is transforming education #AI

You know you are in the digital age when you have to intervene between two robots arguing in your home, as happened to me recently when my Google Home Hub believed my Google Assistant on my Pixelbook was speaking to it rather than to me and they started misunderstanding each other.

Jamie Smith: What Colleges should be aiming for to be future employer & learner ready

You Can’t Fly If You’re Afraid of The Clouds. Embracing Cloud Technology in FE.

In early September 1929 stock prices in the USA started to decline leading to the market crash of the 29th October that same year, an event that became known as Black Tuesday.

From Classroom to Collaboratory: #EdTech works best when it brings people together.

If you’re working in education then your learners have no concept of a world without the internet.

Well that escalated quickly! Colleges and Combating the Rise of #FakeNews

‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’ is the well known phrase associated with a dubious argument often using manipulated data to present a contention lacking credibility. A modern equivalent might be ‘lies, alternative facts and fake news’.

Co-designing Digital Pedagogy with FE Staff

I once had the good fortune to work with a visionary academic leader. His name was Professor Tom Ruxton and he was a Dean at Staffordshire University many years ago when applications to his area of Engineering were in steep decline.

Untethered, Collaborative & Empowered. Designing learning experiences for Generation Z

If you had to ‘Google’ the meaning of ‘Generation Z’ you are not alone. Having ‘Googled’ the terms associated with defining generations it turns out that I’m technically generation X with aspirations to be part of Generation Z. Why does this matter?

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