Articles from Stefan Drew

"Not invented here" costs FE dearly

Einstein said, "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. FE is very good at many things. But I think Einstein understood us better than we sometimes understand ourselves.

Competitive marketing in FE

In every sector there is a time when it is necessary to reconsider the way we have operated in the past. The FE Commissioner, David Collins, recently wrote to providers and raised the issue of competitive marketing and I believe that letter ought to prompt us to reconsider how we market FE.

Are you optimising recruitment?

In recent months I've noticed many providers that were struggling to recruit high quality applicants. Each had specific problems but there were also some problems common to the majority of them. Some even broke the law. I suspect these problems are common with more providers than this handful.

How to increase provider revenue

Increasing FE revenue is a hot topic. I'm told it isn't easy.

Colleges That Don't Plan Should Emulate Drought Stricken Cape Town

It was as I sat drinking coffee, high in the "groves above academe", that I first realized that Cape Town can teach us much about the solution to FEs current woes.

Should you outsource your marketing?

Budgets are tight and we need to look at ways to reduce costs. One way is to outsource or use shared services and I'm often asked if marketing should, or could be outsourced.

Blame, FE College Insolvency Regime, Reputation, Recruitment and Survival

Sometimes Things Go Wrong. It’s How You Then Handle Things That Determines Your Reputation and That of The Sector.

FE - the Uber way

Here is a lesson for FE. Look around you. The world is changing. Driverless cars, drones and Uber are using technology and changing the world we know. But I hear you say, "Surely not in education, we don't need to change. We've always done it this way and change is neither wanted or needed here".

FE Course Expansion & Funding Opportunities

Budget cuts are destructive. The outcome has been a reduction in opportunities for students and staff as well as a debt ridden sector.

Conventional Education Isn’t The Path to Employment That It Once Was

At last. A respected educator that recognises the perils that FHE currently faces, and has an answer.

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