The latest YouGov survey, published on the same day as our annual report and accounts, found that Ofsted’s inspection reports are well-received by parents.

Over 4 in 5 parents think that Ofsted’s inspection reports are useful, a YouGov survey has found. And interim findings from our own survey of schools, colleges and further education and skills providers are similarly positive. These findings are published today in Ofsted’s annual report and accounts 2019–20. Almost 9 out of 10 said that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the inspection experience and that the feedback would help them to improve.

Eight out of 10 parents feel that the inspection report they read portrayed the school (or other type of provider) accurately. The survey also found that three-quarters of parents said that the information we provide is reliable and two-thirds of parents agree that our work helps to improve the standard of education.

Our new approach to inspection

Last autumn, we changed the way we inspect schools with our new education inspection framework. Since then, our inspection reports have placed a greater emphasis on what it’s like to be a child or young person in that school, as well as having a new focus on the curriculum. This also applies to early years and further education. When it comes to the curriculum, half of parents now feel that their child’s school places as much focus on what is being taught as it does on getting good results.

Around half of schools and further education and skills providers responded to a survey evaluating our new approach to inspection. Close to 9 out of 10 are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the inspection experience and felt that the feedback inspectors gave on the quality of education will help them to improve.

The survey comes soon after we announced our approach to inspection from September. Inspectors will carry out visits to schools and colleges. We will publish the outcomes of these collaborative conversations with school and college leaders in a brief letter, so that parents can understand what steps are being taken to help children back into full time education.

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman, said:

I am really pleased that Ofsted remains a trusted voice for parents when it comes to their children’s education and that they see us as a force for improvement in schools.

And it’s heartening that nearly 9 out of 10 school and college leaders said that the feedback they received through their inspection would help them to improve. That’s the difference we want to make.

Recent months have been tough for children, parents and those at the front line of our schools. I’m looking forward to pupils and teachers returning in September. For the first term back, we won’t be inspecting schools as they get back on their feet. Instead our visits in the autumn term will help parents and the government understand what schools and colleges are doing to bring pupils up to speed.

This is the fifth year that Ofsted has carried out this research. YouGov carried out the survey of 1,101 parents between 12 and 25 February.

The annual report and accounts

The Ofsted annual report and accounts 2019-20 shows that we carried out 3,200 school inspections, 8,500 early years inspections and 200 further education and skills inspections under the education inspection framework. It also shows that we carried out 3,167 social care inspections; 25 local area inspections, along with the Care Quality Commission; and 15 initial teacher education inspections.

Routine inspections are currently suspended, but we have continued to carry out emergency inspections of education and social care settings when we have had concerns about safety.

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Published 14 July 2020